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We are proud to be long-standing advocates of empowered connections between LGBTQ+ individuals and our entrepreneurial, political, and community allies.

40% of LGBTQ professionals go back into the closet when first entering the workforce.

Sharing our work and personhood allows us to develop inclusion in our workplaces and ensure diverse representation and dignity within our professional, educational, and institutional entities.

Business Strategic Planning, Social Media, Branding, Marketing,
Public Relations, Education, Product Development, Education, IT, Finance, Feasibility, Grant Writing, Curriculum Development 

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Refer a business and when they become a client of Food.Partners I Co-op.Partners receive a portion of their contract when they become a client.

 Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Food Trucks, Grocery Stores, Producers, Retail Products, Cooperatives, Catering, Pop-ups, Markets, Franchises, Hotels, Resorts, Non-Profits, Startups, Relaunches


Ever imagine what it would be like if your neighborhood spot had the support of expert partners? We pair independent businesses with field experts. Together, we help community, cooperative, small and medium sized businesses develop, manage, and expand their hospitality, food and beverage operations in a flexible and financially sustainable way.

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