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LGBTQ+ Opportunities

Inclusion + Empowerment + Dignity + Pride

The LGBTQ+ community comprises a significant portion of the US population, with an estimated 19 million individuals - roughly equivalent to the combined populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix.

Identity Matters


50% of LGBTQ+ professionals are not out to their supervisor, 34%  have left a job due to discrimination and mistreatment; 67.5% have been subjected workplace harassment including being called: faggot, queer, sissy, tranny, and dyke at work.


40% of LGBTQ+ professionals report having to conceal their orientation or gender identity at work, including altering their appearance and limiting their use of workplace restrooms. Out professionals were 5x more likely to have been fired or have had hours/wages cut during the pandemic than their closeted colleagues.

Further, sexual and gender-minority POC face even greater economic challenges than their heterosexual and cis-gendered counterparts. The largest economic gap is experienced by non-binary persons of color, who earn .60 cents for every dollar earned by the typical worker.

We at .partners create unique economic opportunities, and innovative programs that dignify and empower the most oppressed of our community members by developing the next generation of intersectional leaders.

Our Stakeholder
Values + Metrics


Understanding of self, our own biases, privilege, position, and experience in relation to others

Our Decision Makers

Analysis of our leadership teams, how priorities are made, where authority lies and is delegated

Our Customers

Knowledge of our clients and whom we effectively serve. How to provide value and equity

Our Communities

Clarity of potential. Place to expand and view underserved and underinvested' in  neighborhoods

Our Industry

Potential to unite, be allies, become leaders in inclusion, working together for equity and shared understanding

Phillip Teixeira DaSilva
Cornell University
Kessler Fellow

I would have never expected to come out of this summer internship with even half of the self-confidence and learnings I now possess. I am forever grateful for all the .partners who treated me like an equal... you all are so talented, and I know that these professional, client-facing seeds will sprout into something so incredible, and I am so excited to reconnect when they do!

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