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Working alongside Innovative and Visionary Businesses and Organizations


Reunite Chatham

Revitalizing, Reengaging, and Reuniting Our Communities of Color through Pioneering and Equitable Approaches of Development, Investment, Security, and Finance.

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Provender Alliance

Upholding the Vision and Values of a Vibrant, Just, and Regenerative Food System for All. Our Partnership Provides this through Various Educational, Networking, and Community Based Programs.

LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Illinois 

​Promoting Economic Opportunities for the LGBT Community by Being an Advocate and Resource for All member Businesses that Encourage Equality


Co-op Ed


Building a Restorative Economy Based on Education, Solidarity, and

Self Determination by Developing Worker Owned Cooperatives in Communities of Color



Ever wonder what it would be like having the support of expert partners working alongside you and your team? Together, we help independent, cooperative, small and medium sized businesses develop, manage, and expand their hospitality, food and beverage operations in a flexible and financially sustainable way.

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